I warmly welcome you to White Swan Academy!
I feel honored and gifted to have had the opportunity to teach and guide hundreds of young dancers the past 25 years in Europe and the US, and now I am incredibly blessed to embark on this new chapter with all of you, families that have been dancing together for years as well as our new friends joining us for our 1st Season at White Swan! As I began this journey to open this studio during such an unprecedented moment in our world, I initially doubted whether it would be possible to find the right timing and pondered the limitations it might place on our ability to grow and dance together. I came to realization that the opposite is true! These are the times when the art is needed the most: it is a healing power to our souls and well-being! As I continued to forge ahead with bringing my vision into reality, I received the incredible feedback and support that, now more than ever, we need a safe outlet for our younger generation (to be able to express themselves, to find a relief from the unknown, to find a new normality....) and with that in mind we will build a community, stronger than ever before. For us who were born to dance, nothing can replace it - we need to get together and dance! I am grateful to dance with each of you, and know together we will rise above this uncertain time through the power of DANCE!

Looking forward to an amazing year together!

Ula Binkys