Primary Level

For Dancers aged 4 to 6 years old

Ballet Tap Twirl

“Primary Position” includes growth in storytelling, creativity, and musicality while building on the fundamentals of dance. In a playful way we introduce ballet steps such as plié and tendu for the first time, and students can master laterality (right versus left), as well as other elements of spatial awareness. With simple tap steps together we explore the relationship between music and dance and develop your child’s musicality. 

First Year (4&5) | 45 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Second Year (5&6) | 60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory

*For all Required Ballet Uniforms – Please, call or visit N’styl Performance

Girls                                                                                     Boys 

White Leotard                                                                 White Short-sleeved Shirt 

Pink Tights                                                                       Black Bike Shorts

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes & Tan Tap Shoes               White Ankle Socks

                                                                                           White/Black Canvas Ballet                                                                                                   Shoes & Tan Tap Shoes

Acro Jazz Fusion

Primary Jazz/Acro classes are specifically designed to appeal to both girls and boys and focuses on introducing basic dancing skills, developing their coordination, rhythm, social skills and musicality. Jazz is a great free movement class for dancers to express themselves to some funky music and just have fun!

Our acro program is specifically designed and developed for dancers. Primary acro students are taught foundation movements and strengthening in order to be able to progress to back bends and hand stands, and eventually aerials and flips. Acro is a challenging experience that is lots of fun and gives you a competitive edge.

*Student must be enrolled in one ballet class weekly

60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Girls                                                                                     Boys

Leotard                                                                             White Short-sleeved Shirt 

Footless Tights                                                               Black Bike Shorts