Intermediate Level

For Dancers aged 10 -14 years old


Students in this class are expanding and building on their fundamental knowledge. Dancers are inspired technically, artistically, musically and creatively with exercises that encourage critical thinking and physical fitness while also developing an advanced sense of  movement dynamics and musical interpretation.

Our Intermediate Ballet class targets the highly motivated, focused, and skilled 10-14 years old dance students who want to broaden their technique, and performance experience.

Class includes warm-up, complete barre work, center and across the floor combinations for the purpose of developing strength, flexibility, coordination and correct body alignment. Exercises designed to improve accuracy, speed and the ability to link movements will be taught. Great attention will be paid to the area of complex ballet turns, including pirouettes, diagonals and menège.

Most importantly, Intermediate Ballet is the level at which students begin to develop quality of movement. Students will be gradually thought to establish a set of accurate aesthetic criteria, which will enable them to interpret and analyze emotional and technical execution of dance.

60-90 min | 2 times a week | Progress and placement determined by teacher

*For all Required Ballet Uniforms – Please, call or visit N’styl Performance

Girls                                       Boys

Grey Leotard                          White Short-Sleeved                                                       Shirt or Leotard

Grey Wrap Skirt                       Black Tights

Pink Tights 

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes     Black Ballet Shoes   


Jazz covers a wide range of dance styles from that seen in musicals to modern contemporary and hip-hop interpretations.

In White Swan Academy’s jazz class dancers learn funky age appropriate routines with a technical focus. Jazz is a great free movement class for dancers after a ballet class and builds dancer presence, awareness and confidence.

*Student must be enrolled in one ballet class 
 Placement will be determined by the teacher

60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Girls                                                                                  Boys 

Leotard                                                                             White Short-sleeved Shirt or                                                                                                 Leotard  

Tan Tights                                                                        Black Tights

 Tan Jazz Shoes                                                              Black Jazz Shoes 


Tap is lively and popular dance style, perfect for those who like to move and make music at the same time. Classes include combinations, routines and fun rhythm exercises designed to develop both technique and musicality. If you like music, you’ll love tap!

*Placement will be determined by the teacher

60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Girls                                                                            Boys 

Leotard                                                                       White Short-sleeved Shirt or                                                                                                 Leotard  

Tan Tights                                                                  Black Tights

Tan Tap Shoes                                                          Black Tap Shoes 


Our acro program is specifically designed and developed for dancers. Acro students are taught foundation movements and strengthening in order to be able to progress to back bends and hand stands, and eventually aerials and flips. Acro is a challenging experience that is lots of fun and gives you a competitive edge.

60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Girls                                     Boys 

Leotard                              White Short-sleeved Shirt                                              or Leotard  

Footless Tights                Black Bike Shorts or                                                        Footless Tights


Contemporary class has strong classical foundations without the rigidity of ballet class. In contemporary, more emphasis is placed on ease of movement, fluidity and energy. Dancers will learn contemporary based technique and dance choreographed pieces.

*Students must be enrolled in two ballet classes

60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Girls                                     Boys

Leotard                                White Short-sleeved shirt
                                              or leotard

Tights                                  Bike Shorts or Tights

Strength & Conditioning

This class focuses on strength training, functional flexibility, alignment and injury prevention. It will help dancers correct “bad habits” and find “correct placement” so that they become more aware of their body and therefore perform better in any dance class.

*Student must be enrolled in one ballet class

60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Girls                                                                                 Boys 

 Leotard                                                                           White Short-sleeved Shirt or                                                                                                Leotard  

Pink Tights                                                                       Black Tights

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes                                              Black Ballet Shoes 


Pointe work is a very serious step in ballet training. Students are expected to be very dedicated and disciplined, and will be required to take 2 to 3 technique classes per week. To decrease possible risk of injury, the following pointe class will be introduced only to the girls who show adequate physical strength, accurate technique and necessary mental awareness for such a challenging endeavor. When dancing sur la pointe the weight of the torso and legs are supported by the intrinsic muscles of the feet and the longitudinal arches. The majority of the weight is supported by the metatarsals and fourteen phalanges, and by the calf and thighs along with the abdomen. Beginner Pointe class focuses on a foot strength-building program designed for pointe readiness. Students will learn and practice pointe barre work with emphasis on individual’s correct foot and body alignment as well as study of the proper techniques for the execution of more difficult steps. White Swan Academy Instructors guarantee a slow, thorough, and careful approach to assure a safe and solid foundation that will help students to be in control and at ease when dancing on pointe.

*Students must be 10 years of age | Instructor’s Approval | Minimum 3 yrs Ballet Experience | Enrolled in 2+ ballet classes 

45 mins | 1x weekly mandatory 

Ballet Level Uniform 

Pointe Shoes 

Choreography & Performance

Our choreography and performance class will allow students to experience all styles of dance. A fast pace class with multiple performances throughout the year. In this class we will strive to give students an opportunity to be a part of choreographing and diving deep into the dance world.

White Swan Academy will have an annual Nutcracker Performance that students who are a part of C&P will exclusively be a part of. 

Class: 60 mins | 1x weekly mandatory

All performances throughout the year and any extra rehearsals this may call for 

Girls                                            Boys

Leotard                                White Short-sleeved shirt
                                              or Leotard 

Tights                                   Black Tights 

Tap, Jazz, Ballet                  Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Shoes