Dance With Me

For Dancers aged 18mo – 3yrs old

Dance With Me

Mommy & Me is designed for both you and your little one! For our parents it helps with gaining balance of home life and socializing with other parents. While helping your little one in their socialization skills, developing good physical habits, and communication skills. Engaging all of their senses to help them build confidence and independence as they transition to new things in their lives such as: Daycare, Pre-school, or even our Little Swans class! 

45 mins | 1x weekly 

While we do welcome all drop in’s, we believe consistency is key! Having a strong routine helps little ones during the developmental stages, we highly encourage signing up month by month!  

*For all Required Ballet Uniforms – Please, call or visit N’styl Performance 

Girls                                                                                     Boys 

Required: Pink Tutu Leotard                                            Required: White Short-sleeved Shirt 

Optional: Pink Tights                                                         Required: Black Bike Shorts & White Ankle Socks

Optional: Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes                                Optional: White or Black Canvas Ballet Shoes